Fire Safety – Hot Works

Hot work permits are required for any welding, cutting, torching, brazing, soldering and other related activities. Hot work permits are also required for any grilling or frying on campus. The permit may be obtained from the University’s Fire and Life Safety Office during normal business hours.  Arrangements can be made for emergencies and for jobs needing to be completed during the weekend.

The Hot Work Permit Program is designed to minimize or eliminate fire hazards associated with any hot work operation as identified in the North Carolina Fire Code and OSHA 1910.252. This program applies to all contractors and University units conducting hot work on campus, such as welding, torching, soldering, cutting, brazing, or grinding.

Apply for a Hot Work Permit with this form or for timely needs, contact our office during normal business hours (Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm) at 919.515.2568. If you need to borrow a fire extinguisher, please let us know when we speak to you.

Hot Work Permits for Cooking

A Hot Work Permit is required for all outdoor cooking, grilling, and frying taking place on University property. Stationary grills located outside residence halls are exempt and do not require a hot work permit to use.

A Hot Work Permit is required before use of a personal grill or a DASA grill on University property. All grilling must be done outside and should be at least 25 feet from all buildings. You must possess a fire extinguisher before grilling and you may not remove an extinguisher that is mounted inside a building. If you do not have access to a fire extinguisher, you may borrow one from the EPSI/Fire & Life Safety Office.

For emergency hot works situations, contact the after hours Emergency Management line at 919.515.1511 and request a call back from an on duty EPSI/Fire & Life Safety Officer.